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Leadership Offsite

We help company leaders to discuss big picture strategic goals with their teams.

Work Offsite

We help staff to work tactically by spending time in brainstorming and coming up with a road map to achieve business results.

Brand Ambassadors Incentive Offsite

We help corporations to add value to their teams & brand ambassadors’ partnership incentives and marketing meets through curated experiences.

Team Building Offsite

We help organizations to bring together their people with the new normal of remote and onsite teams in a relaxed environment, bridging the communication gap and aiding towards achieving their goals.

Startup Offsite

Startups often face higher pressure than established companies, which can make collaboration and communication challenging. To address this, HI Offsite offers team building activities at select locations to help startups create a positive work environment and keep their team engaged.

Custom Offsite

Create a tailored company retreat that includes interactive workshops, outdoor excursions, and themed events to foster collaboration, innovation, and employee engagement.

Remote Offsite

Our support involves helping organizations create remote offsite experiences that promote teamwork, cultivate a positive team culture, and align remote teams with the company's objectives.

Workcations Offsite

Workcations offsite is a combination of work and vacation where employees work remotely from a vacation destination, boosting productivity, creativity, and work-life balance.
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We Keep Transparency
We believe in open communication, building trust with honesty, both within our team and with clients.
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We aim to impress, making you look like a magician and a superhero in everything we do.
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We're lucky to shape meaningful experiences for diverse people; gratitude drives us.
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Nature is our escape; we're committed to conservation, woven into our culture and finances.
Our Philosophy
Our commitment begins & ends with crafting impactful offsite experiences that bring people together.

Crafting Exceptional Offsite Experiences - That's Our Goal at HI Offsite.

Break the procedure, take your employees out of the office, and get ready for an experience that will give you an enrichment of Team Spirit. Let HI Offsite be your next offsite team-building experience. Whether it’s for the whole company, with your brand ambassadors or be it simply employee meetups, our unique combination of work and fun is sure to bring you and your teams closer together.
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Prem Syal

Founder & CEO

Satpal Sisodia

Chief Customer Success

“We were extremely pleased with the Team and Channel Partners incentive that HI Offsite curated for us, and they organized some amazing activities for us, which are as follows:”

We approached Øliv for a complete rebranding of our company and we couldn't be happier with the results. Their market research and analysis helped us define our target audience and unique brand positioning. Their team then created a visually compelling logo and consistent branding across all touchpoints.

The new brand has helped us stand out in the market and increase sales. We highly recommend Øliv to any business looking to rebrand or refresh their brand.
  • They conducted a Master Chef Competition in Old Delhi.
  • We enjoyed a Camel Race and Village Fair event in Thar Desert.
  • HI Offsite organized a Snake Boatrace competition with local teams in Vembanad lake.
  • We explored the countryside of Kerala on Cruz Bikes.
  • A Bollywood-themed evening was arranged for us in Sher Shah Gardens in Agra.

"Flawless organization, exceeded expectations. Our delegates were impressed. Thank you for a remarkable MICE event.”

As a growing business, it was important for us to have a strong and consistent brand. Øliv's brand management services helped us to achieve this. They conducted a thorough brand audit and provided valuable insights and recommendations.

Their ongoing monitoring and implementation of our brand has helped us maintain consistency and stay aligned with our business goals. We couldn't be happier with the results and highly recommend Øliv's brand management services.

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