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Client Background:

Client Background:

MOGO is a organiser and facilitator for competitive events in India & from six South Asian countries and promote their participation in global events, such as the CEX championships. In addition, we develop esport-themed championship and event trademarked merchandise in conjunction with SII’s university-trademarked merchandise. This merchandise includes t-shirts, hoodies, baseball caps, notebooks, backpacks, and other popular campus items.

Event Highlights:

For 10 action-packed days, #HIOFFSITE managed to bring together 128 talented players from 16 teams hailing from different corners of India for the eSports tournament and the result was nothing short of spectacular🕹️

This brilliant show of skill, strategy, and sportsmanship showcased the immense potential of the Indian esports scene. The competition was fierce, and the passion displayed by these young gamers was truly inspiring.  

It was an absolute delight to host a group of 130 esteemed guests from the USA for over a week, fostering global connections as they explored the vibrant culture and warmth of Punjab.

From the bustling streets of Amritsar to the serene fields of Jalandhar, we endeavored to make their journey with us as beautiful and memorable as walking on a bed of fragrant flowers.

From Arranging Comfortable Luxurious Stays to Seamless travel and transfers Hi Offsite Provide once in a lifetime experience to the international as well as indian delegates for the esport community.

Host International standard events and arrangements
Seamless planning and execution of an international standard event and hospitality.
Cultivated relationships that bloom like the most exquisite of flowers.

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