Toyota Europe's Thrilling Incentive Offsite

4 days/5 nights
Client Background:

Client Background:

Toyota Europe, a prominent leader in the automotive industry, sought to recognize and motivate its teams and channel partners. They turned to HI Offsite, renowned for its exceptional event planning, to create a journey that would not only celebrate success but also foster collaboration and camaraderie.

Experiences Crafted:

  • Master Chef Competition in Old Delhi: The team was set on a culinary adventure in Old Delhi with a Master Chef Competition, allowing participants to showcase creativity and bond over food and culture.
  • Camel Race and Village Fair in the Thar Desert: A thrilling Camel Race and Village Fair was organized in the Thar Desert, blending competition and cultural immersion, fostering team spirit.
  • Snake Boatrace Competition in Vembanad Lake: Later a Snake Boatrace competition in Vembanad Lake, Kerala, bonded the team as they embraced local traditions.
  • Countryside Exploration on Cruz Bikes: Leisurely countryside exploration in Kerala on Cruz Bikes, offering reflection, bonding, and appreciation of natural beauty.
  • Bollywood-Themed Evening in Sher Shah Gardens, Agra: A dazzling Bollywood-themed evening was set up in Agra's historic Sher Shah Gardens, celebrating Toyota Europe's success with glamour and entertainment.
Celebrate Toyota Europe's success, and encourage collaboration.
Culinary comps, desert & boat races, countryside exploration, Bollywood evening.
Stronger relationships, teamwork, and cultural appreciation.

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