Konica Minolta's Empowering Offsite Journey

4 days/5 nights
Client Background:

Client Background:

Konica Minolta, a global leader in imagingand business solutions, sought to invigorate its leadership team and foster asense of unity among employees. They entrusted HI Offsite, renowned for itsexceptional event planning, to orchestrate a transformative offsite experience.

Experiences Crafted:

  • Old Delhi Convoy: The adventure started with a convoy of iconic Ambassador cars through Old Delhi, immersing participants in the city's history and fostering team spirit.
  • High Tea with Jaipur's Royal Family: A regal touch was added with a high tea gathering, offering Konica Minolta's team a chance to connect with Jaipur's royal family and explore Rajasthan's heritage.
  • Taj Mahal Breakfast at Taj Khema: A themed breakfast with a Taj Mahal view inspired reflection and unity, appreciating India's cultural treasures.
  • Countryside Exploration in 4X4 Jeeps: The team embarked on an exhilarating countryside exploration in 4X4 Jeeps, connecting with the rugged beauty of the land and reinforcing teamwork.
  • Royal Theme Evening at Samode Palace: The event's highlight was a royal-themed evening at Samode Palace, immersing participants in opulence and majesty, strengthening bonds and celebration.
Foster Konica Minolta’s leadership and unity.
Old Delhi convoy, Taj Mahal breakfast, countryside 4X4, Samode Palace evening.
Enhanced unity, creativity, teamwork, cultural appreciation, and cherished memories.

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