A Royal Desert Experience for Orange Telecom

5 days/6 nights
Client Background:

Client Background:

Orange Telecom, a leading telecommunications giant, sought to rejuvenate its corporate team and foster a deeper sense of team spirit. They approached HI Offsite, a renowned event planning company, to curate a distinctive experience that would combine cultural immersion with the opulence of royalty.

Experiences Crafted:

  • Holi Celebration in the dessert: HI Offsite started the event with a Holi celebration in Osian, known for its cultural heritage, fostering unity and celebration.
  • Camel Polo Match and Desert Dinner: The adventure included a Camel Polo match in the Thar Desert, followed by a dinner on the dunes and a Lehenga concert, blending sports, music, culture, and nature.
  • Morning Yoga and Village Farm Meeting: The next day featured a yoga session in the desert, promoting mindfulness, followed by an open-air meeting at a local village farm, connecting with rural Rajasthan.
  • Aravalli Hill Trek and Kite Flying: The highlight was a trek to Aravalli Hill's summit with panoramic views, kite flying, tea, and snacks, promoting teamwork and accomplishment.
  • Mock Wedding and Bollywood-Themed Palace Dinner: The event concluded with a mock wedding, showcasing Rajasthan's wedding traditions, followed by a lavish Bollywood-themed dinner at a palace, embodying luxury and opulence.
Rejuvenate Orange Telecom, and boost team spirit
A curated desert adventure: Holi, Camel Polo, dunes dinner, Lehenga concert.
Strengthened bonds, cultural appreciation, and unity.

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