British Petroleum Castrol's Offsite Nepal Adventure

4 days/5 nights
Client Background:

Client Background:

British Petroleum Castrol, a prominent namein the oil and lubricants industry, sought to strengthen the bonds within their team and deepen their connection with Nepal's rich culture and natural beauty. HI Offsite was entrusted with the task of orchestrating a transformative offsite experience.

Event Highlights:

  • Exclusive Gala Theme Dinner at Garden of Dreams: A grand gala dinner at the Garden of Dreams was organized, fostering camaraderie in Nepal's cultural charm.
  • Private Lunch on Jungle Riverbeds in Chitwan: HI Offsite organized a private lunch on Chitwan's riverbeds in lush jungles, creating a serene nature connection and team bonding.
  • Exclusive Shikar Theme Dinner at Chitwan Wildlife Camp: An unforgettable evening at a wildlife camp in Chitwan, featuring a unique Shikar theme dinner amid the wilderness.
  • Private Audience with Tibetan Monks: The experience peaked with a private audience with Tibetan monks, providing insights into Nepal's culture and enhancing unity among participants.
Connect BP Castrol team to Nepal's culture and nature.
Gala dinner, riverbed lunch, Shikar dinner, meeting Tibetan monks.
Strengthened bonds, cultural connections, inspired teamwork, and lasting memories.

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