An Exclusive Leadership Journey Curated by HI Offsite for Allianz

5 days/6 nights
Client Background:

Client Background:

Allianz, a pioneering name in the financial world, sought to fortify the bonds within its leadership team. They entrusted HI Offsite, with the task of curating an unparalleled experience that would foster collaboration, innovation, and lasting connections.

Experiences Crafted:

  • Nepali-Themed Dinner at Krishnapur: The expedition included a cultural dinner at Krishnapur, setting the tone for a blend of tradition and luxury.
  • Aerial Charter to Agra and Taj Mahal: HI Offsite organized a charter flight from Kathmandu to Agra, including streamlined immigration. The journey ended with a dinner under the starlit sky with a view of the majestic wonder, the Taj Mahal.
  • Royal-Themed Evening at City Palace Jaipur: The expedition continued with a grand royal-themed evening at Jaipur's City Palace, immersing the leadership team in Rajasthan's regal heritage.
  • Exclusive Lunch and Polo Match: The pinnacle of the journey featured an exclusive lunch followed by a thrilling Polo match, fostering camaraderie within the Allianz leadership team.
Foster Allianz leadership collaboration and innovation.
Expedition, Nepali dinner, Taj Mahal, City Palace, Polo match.
Strengthened bonds, inspired innovation, and lasting memories.

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